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Papa Delicious

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12.24-Christmas Eve. I have to update or Tim will pwn me in the face. For those of you ignorant to the definition of "pwn"... Go ask someone. Who plays video games.

11.28-There is an update, and it is coming, some of you have seen it, but until my scanner decides to work you won't see it here.

9.14-It's been quite a long time since I updated, but PD is back in action with Vol. 2

It's up now on the site, and should be up around the school within a week.

What is Papa Delicious, you may ask? A new brand of Coffee Ice Cream? No. I hate coffee Ice Cream. It is a comic strip, The Comic Adventures of Papa Delicious, or TCAOPD for kind of short. It's loosely based around real life experiences kind of some of the time.

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Thanks for showing up. That's pretty cool of you. Now spread the word!