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I've decided, you know what you fools need? A nice good editorial. That's right. written, typed, not drawn. Wait, don't leave yet. I promise it won't suck. I hope

Walking guy

There's been some things bothering me for some time now, and no, I'm not talking about the government. Consider this article apolitical. For me, that is. Anyway, it has to do with a few things. Mainly Westfield, and High School, and the people who go there.

Walking down the hallway at most suburban high schools, you can assume that at least 50% of the people are preps (wayy higher for westfield), some of them are involved in drugs of some sort, some of them don't get along with their parents, some of them are going to shove you into a locker because they play football, and the rest of them vary. I'm really here to rant on the preps. I don't really care if you hit up the bong or whatever.

You know them. You might be one(in which case you may want to stop reading to avoid being insulted). The polo-shirt wearers. Boys and girls. It doesn't even matter which. Abercrombie and Fitch and Aeropostale are two of their favorite stores (among many others). Often you see them showing up to school with a cup of coffee from starbucks or dunkin' donuts or whereever. They do well enough in school. They turn in their work on time, anyway. That's all you need to do. Many of you are saying "So, yeah, what's your beef?" Well, it's coming right about now. I just picked the preps as an example because they're the easiest target, and their parents drive SUV's. (Hey, you didn't expect me to be completely apolitical, did you?). But the problem is is that no one thinks for themselves anymore. Oh, I think I'll fit in. That's easy. I'll just follow along, not really learn anything, pass, get into a decent college, and get some boring white collar job somewhere. THERE is the problem. There are some people with individiality, some with pot, and some with both. So here's my thing, people: you can wear your collared shirts and watch your reality TV, but maybe if you broke free, you would see another side of life.

I'm not saying I'm completely innocent; I am 15 after all. But I try to do my best to fight it. I created Papa Delicious. I don't wear collared shirts as a rule. Don't blame me. And don't say it isn't true either.